Pattys Connemaras

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The Who Is Who at Pattys

Martin and Patricia
The whole story began with our marriage (unbelieveable, but its true ;) )

Best hubby! on earth surprised Patty 1980 with a very special wedding gift, her first Connemara Pony ever, who became later the foundation stallion at Pattys:

Our 2 Children, Alexander and Sonja brighten our lifes since 1984 and 1986!
And also Daniel is now living here at Pattys, as partner of our daughter.

Since 10 years, respective 2 years, our Parson Russells
Embricas Apollo - Russelmania Balu - Russelmania Al Capone
protect us, the horses, everything against anything- BRAVE DOGGIES!

Chief Trainer at Pattys:
Bundeschampionat Rider Birgita Habermann, accompanied by her gifted daughter Henrike

And all the ponies........

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